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Startup Name: Snake Defense

Problem: With unemployment rising and businesses closing in the United States, it is not a surprise that crime is up and, as a result, you may not feel as safe on the streets, and more scared for your possessions than usual.

Solution: We hear you, and we have a solution.

Introducing Snake Defense, a device that looks like a snake, feels like a snake, and mainly hisses like a snake! You put it in your bag and when an offender tries to snatch it, he is in for quite an unpleasant hissing surprise.

And did I mention that a VIP version can also deliver bites 1-10 levels in intensity?

Market size: every woman, 10-80 years old, who owns a bag. And yes - we CAN go global.

Long-term strategy: The next product we are working on is CROC Defense. Yes, croc stands for crocodile. We are then planning to expand into home safety products.

Business model: We intend to sell Snake Defense online, wholesale and at events. The price of your safety is $29.95 for a hiss-only version and $49.95 for a version that also bites.

Our trusted manufacturing facility in China stands ready to satisfy any supply and to get Snake Defense to anyone who needs it. Our costs are ludicrously low at only $9.95 per standard version and $14.95 per VIP version.

Team: Our team is experienced, passionate, and ready to deliver.

Here is to you never losing your bag again!

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