Phase I “Power round with 200 Investors”: December 24th - January 22nd

Step 1: Submit for the Power Round

  • Register by Dec 24th and receive submission instructions.
  • Send your 2-min video pitch for review by January 3rd.
  • Receive feedback by January 5th
  • Re-submit by January 7th

You can re-submit once for free, provided that you followed all the instructions. Every additional resubmission, or resubmission due to failure to follow the instructions, is $25.

Note: We reserve the right not to send your final video pitch, if it does not meet our minimum quality standards, as our investors expect a certain level of quality from us and/or if you don’t follow our submission instructions.

We will announce if we accept you for the Power Round on January 8th.

Step 2: Send to investors

  • We send your video pitch to 200+ investors investing in your industry and stage.
  • They will vote whether or not they are interested.

Step 3: Results on January 22nd.

  • If you get at least two investor votes in 2 weeks, you advance to Investors Prep and Meetings.
  • If you get one vote, you get an intro to that investor. You can choose to go through Investors Prep or receive a refund.
  • If you get no votes, we recommend you go through Investors Prep to figure out what's wrong. You are eligible for a refund.

Phase II "Preparation / Due diligence": January 25th - February 10th

We’ve designed this short program as three sixty-minute sessions and one thirty-min mentoring session with an investor to maximize your chances of success and better prepare you for investors Q&A and due diligence.

Session 1: Financial model review - business model.

Financial model completeness, growth strategy, pricing strategy and business logic for each revenue stream, and go to market strategy assumptions.

Session 2: Financial model review.

Costs, including working capital and fixed assets; financial summary, valuation, as well as your venture's overall financial feasibility.

Session 3: Pitch training with an investor/mentor

Pitch training with an improved deck and model.

Session 4: Final review.

Finalize materials and practice investors questions.

Phase III "Investor meetings": February 11th, 11 am EST / 5 pm CET

Each event is structured as a thirty-min investors panel followed by targeted investor meetings where your startup team gets its own breakout room and pitches to the investors who already voted to meet your startup.

We recommend each pitch to be 5, max 7 minutes long. The rest is Q&A.

All teams can stay in their breakout rooms up to one hour and will get warm intros to all investors who attended the session, afterwards.