Pricing for our Courses and Workshops

We offer five stand-alone courses and five different course series. Click on the link below to see a detailed curriculum for each course:

  • Course 1: Financial Accounting and Analysis
  • Course 2: Financial Modeling of Software and Service Startups: 8 Business Models
  • Course 3: Valuation Concepts and Valuation Models
  • Course 4: A Case Study: Modeling and Valuing an Early-Stage Software Startup
  • Course 5: Fundraising Strategy and Financing Vehicles

Our series are comprised of 2, 3, 4, or 5 courses grouped by topic and knowledge of certain subjects.

*Live instruction access refers only to those workshops that correspond to each course or course series: Click here for a list of workshops and which courses they correspond to.

Pricing - Courses

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Pricing - Workshops

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