Impress Investors with Robust Startup Financials and Credible Valuation

Everything you need to know about modeling, valuing, and financing early-stage startups

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Build credible financials for your startup and determine its credible valuation, even if there is little or no prior financial history and even if you have no prior finance experience.

You are done going from investor to investor receiving no callbacks and not knowing what you did wrong or what to do next.

With our series, you can get EVERYTHING (and I mean everything) you need to determine how much your startup is worth and build a credible financial plan backing it up, in one place.

This is the program where you will master:

Accounting and financial analysis;

Financial modeling;


Startup finance and fundraising strategy.

Everything any startup founder must know to make their business successful.

Why do you need this:

To credibly present your startup to investors and substantiate your valuation;

To ensure your financials properly represent your company strategy;

To assess if your venture is financially viable;

To identify key drivers and KPIs for your business;

To communicate confidently with investors and your financial team.


  • Accounting and Financial Analysis ($175$);
  • Financial Modeling of Software and Service Startups: Eight Business Models ($175);
  • Financial Modeling of Product Startups: Eight Distribution Channels ($175);
  • Valuation Concepts and Valuation Models ($175);
  • Fundraising Strategy and Financing Vehicles ($175).

The total price of the course series is $875, but you are getting a bundle for only $750.

This series offers:

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to 10+ hours of easy-to-understand MBA-level finance lectures;
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to 550+ practice questions;
  • AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD IMMEDIATELY: All PowerPoint and Excel materials.

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Strategic simplicity

There’s a lot of moving parts to creating a robust financial model, especially when very little information is available:

  • Defining business logic;
  • Formulating assumptions;
  • Being able to apply all the accounting and valuation principles to put it together correctly!

It’s a lot to wrap your head around, but there’s no reason for it to be so intimidating.

And definitely, no reason to do it alone.

Why should you trust us?

Our clients have raised more than $50M.

We have experience in 15+ industries and worked with 150+ entrepreneurs one-on-one on all continents.

We have experts with both Computer Science and MBA degrees. Therefore, we speak both the technical and business languages to help you bridge the gap

More than 1,000 founders have taken The Startup Station's courses to learn the basics of accounting, valuation, financial modeling, and startup financing and

We have collaborated with numerous accelerators including Rockstart, Starta, Numa, Halo, and more.

Victoria also teaches at Bank of America Institute of Women’s Entrepreneurship At Cornell.

We helped over 1000 startups get funded faster.

The total price of the five courses in the bundle is $875, but you are getting the course series «Impress Investors with Robust Startup Financials and Credible Valuation» for only $750.


You get a universal framework for modeling and valuing any early-stage technology or product startup, regardless of whether it is post or pre-revenue.

When should you go for this course series:

  • You've tried to raise capital for the past 3-12 months and have failed, so you know you need to change your strategy.
  • You lack finance knowledge and tools to translate your business plan into a financial model and determine the fair value of your company
  • You don't know how to create credible assumptions and predict the company's financial performance at such an early stage.
  • You are overwhelmed with getting your business off the ground and you feel that you don't have time to learn a new subject as complex as finance or get an MBA.
  • You already tried to create a financial model using a template from the Internet...but it has not worked.

You want a solid plan that has worked for hundreds of founders before you!

You want someone to walk you through how to model and value an early-stage startup without the messing around and guesswork.


You wish someone would just take you by the hand and guide you through each step in order, and that you had a community of incredible, ambitious entrepreneurs like you to support you on this journey.

You need the training, tools, financial model templates and support from someone who has done this with hundreds of clients over years and years...

Oh hi ... that's me! I’m Victoria, and I'm here to help you build a credible financial model for your business which your investors will take seriously and which will allow you to build a financially sound business from the start!

I’ve worked with hundreds of people to model their startups over the years. These are just a few of them. Please remember, they all worked very hard and your results will vary depending on many factors.

"The courses are extremely useful. They will guide you how to build a better Financial Model for a pre-revenue company."

- Anton Eremenko, PAVE

"In business, and especially with startups, getting to a place of clarity around the business and financial models can be challenging even for the most experienced professional. Victoria brings the right mix of business and financial know-how and quickly understands the moving pieces. As such, she's able to provide an excellent product, a deeper sense of understanding about the project based on its' needs, and a sense of calm and assurance that the challenges faced will be dealt with in a way that drives growth."

- Sanford Diday, Opkix and Ghostcast

"Drawing from a deep source of knowledge and expertise, Victoria is an educator and a startup advocate who comes to the table with a wealth of experience as well as passionate commitment and conviction. Her why is in helping founders succeed by informing and preparing them with crucial knowledge for the long journey ahead. With her Flagship Finance series, Victoria's offering a resource that I as well as many of my peers wished we'd had at the start of our careers!"

- Steven Vilkas, Block Relations

"The materials really helped to solidify the lessons learned and provided an excellent resource to kick off our own financial model using the template."

- Ben Yurcisin, FunFinder and Jersey City Tech Meetup Organizer

"I have taken several Startup Station's courses with Victoria and I must say they are great! The topics and material Victoria goes through - I find it very very useful. You can tell Victoria has a lot of experience in the field. As an early startup, this is definitely the most valuable course I have tried so far, I highly recommend it!"

- Luis Medina, CodeLumen

"I recently took "Startup Financing" and "Financial Modeling" courses, and they were incredibly helpful for a beginner like me. The material was very informative and thorough, and Victoria shared a lot of tips based on her real-life experience. I highly recommend signing up for The Startup Station's courses. I can't wait to learn the next steps!"

- Jason Huyk-Kim, PictureUs

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The course series «Impress Investors with Robust Startup Financials and Credible Valuation» is like no other program you've experienced before.

It enables you to:

  • Formulate credible assumptions for your business model
  • Build proforma financial projections for your business
  • Value your startup
  • Select your financing vehicle and negotiate your term sheet
  • Understand the basics of financial accounting and analysis


You're a good fit for this course if...

✓ You're ready for expert help and support.

✓ You already have a business plan of some sort (it does not matter if you have a MVP or not, or if you have product traction, but it does help if you have done initial customer discovery).

✓ You know how to do basic math and you know Excel.

✓ You’re ready to learn finance, accounting, and financial modeling, required to build a proper financial model and determine a valuation for your business, OR are willing to hire help to do those things.

✓ You're ready to invest time, money, effort, and resources in yourself and your business to make this happen sooner, not later.

✓ You’re ready to trust our system - it only works if you DO the work!

You're a NOT good fit for this course if...

✓ You have an idea for a startup, but you have not yet evaluated its viability. Read my blogs on how to determine if your idea is worth pursuing: "You have an idea, now what?" and "Is your idea viable?"

✓ You have validated your idea, but you don't have a business plan yet and have no idea how to bring it to market. Your next step is to do deeper market research and competitive research and figure out the costs of making a prototype or an MVP!

The total price of the five courses in the bundle is $875, but you are getting the course series «Impress Investors with Robust Startup Financials and Credible Valuation» for only $750.


How long does it take?

We suggest to allocate at least 4 weeks to go through the material and build a model for your own startup. You may need more time depending on your proficiency with Excel and ability to master the material.

Week 1: Finalize your business model: pricing and go to market strategy for each revenue stream, and all your costs.
Accounting and financial analysis

Week 2: Formulate assumptions for your company and define business logic. Perform any necessary research.
Financial modeling - software and service startups.
Financial modeling - product startups.

Week 3: Create your first model. You can use our templates or your own template.

Week 4: Review the model and make necessary adjustments.
Fundraising and startup finance.

What if you are confused?


Finance can be scary, but don’t worry - we are here to help you every step of the way. There are two levels of help we offer:

1. After enrollment, you will have access to a private Facebook group where you can interact with other students and ask questions. Victoria oversees the group and will help you if other students don’t know the answers.

2. If you need support beyond the Facebook group and office hours, you can also ask Victoria questions by email.


1. Financial Statements and Analysis for Early-Stage Startups.

  • The purpose of a financial model for a startup;
  • Overview of four financial statements;
  • The structure of an Income Statement: Revenues and Costs - Variable, Fixed, Non-Cash, and Financing;
  • Break-even analysis;
  • The structure of a Balance Sheet: Assets and Liabilities;
  • Properly, Plant & Equipment;
  • Working Capital: Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable;
  • The structure of a Cash Flow Statement: Cash Flow from Operations, Cash Flow from Investing, and Cash Flow from Financing; and
  • Key performance indicators: margins, return metrics, operating leverage, and cash conversion cycle.

2. Financial Modeling for Early-Stage Software and Service Startups.

  • Challenges in modeling early-stage software and service startups and how to overcome them;
  • How to model price and quantity;
  • The Business Model Analysis Roadmap, a guide for analyzing business models;
  • The framework for creating credible financial model assumptions.
  • Introduction to eight business models for service and software startups;
  • Assumptions and business scenarios for EIGHT BUSINESS MODELS with Excel examples:
    • Subscription/SaaS model;
    • Advertising model (Affiliate/Direct, PPC/PPV, and Per Advertiser);
    • Software Product model;
    • Data model (per User, per Report, per API);
    • Marketplace model;
    • Pay-per-Use model;
    • Services model;
    • Freemium model (the case of in-app purchases); and
  • Modeling Variable and Fixed Costs.

3. Financial Modeling for Early-Stage Product Startups.

  • Challenges in modeling early-stage software and service startups and how to overcome them;
  • How to model price and quantity;
  • The Business Model Analysis Roadmap, a guide for analyzing business models;
  • The framework for creating credible financial model assumptions.
  • Introduction to eight business models for service and software startups;
  • Assumptions and business scenarios for EIGHT DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS with Excel examples:
    • E-commerce;
    • Brick & mortar;
    • Events;
    • Sales reps;
    • Domestic distributors;
    • International distributors;
    • Big box retailers; and
    • Joint ventures.
  • Modeling Variable and Fixed Costs:
    • Special section on Inventory and LIFO/FIFO Accounting;
    • COGS; and
    • Warehouse costs and supply chain.

4. Valuation Concepts and Valuation Models for Early-Stage Startups.

Valuation Concepts:

  • Free Cash Flow;
  • WACC;
  • Investors’ Return (IRR); and
  • Four methods for calculating Terminal Value.

Valuation Models:

  • Two valuation approaches for valuing early-stage ventures;
  • Three quantitative valuation models:
    • Venture capital method,
    • Discounted cash flow, and
    • The Chicago method;
  • Five qualitative valuation models:
    • The Dave Berkus scorecard,
    • Bill Payne’s scorecard methodology,
    • The Risk Factor Summation Model,
    • The Replacement /All-in Method,
    • The Rule of Three; and
  • How to create and maintain a cap table.

5. Fundraising Strategy and Financing Vehicles for Early-Stage Startups

  • How to look for investors;
  • Which legal documents are required for an equity raise;
  • How to evaluate accelerators;
  • The structure of an Equity investment:
    • Anti-dilution clauses,
    • Preferred stock,
    • Warrants, and
    • Other clauses;
  • The structure of a SAFE investment:
    • How does it work?
    • Conversion triggers: acquisition and the next round of financing; and
    • Methods to determine an equity stake upon conversion: valuation cap and discount rate.
  • The structure of a Convertible Debt investment:
    • Similarities to and differences from a SAFE investment;
  • Control and information rights; and
  • Pros and cons of equity, SAFE and convertible debt.


Your Instructor

Victoria Yampolsky, CFA
Victoria Yampolsky, CFA

Victoria Yampolsky, CFA, is a serial entrepreneur and an experienced business & finance executive with extensive startup experience. She is the President and Founder of The Startup Station, an education and consulting company specializing in modeling and valuing early-stage ventures.

The Startup Station helps startups articulate their business case to investors from the financial point of view. We create a detailed strategic roadmap, a robust financial plan and a resulting valuation that outline business logic, drivers, financial goals, and key metrics for their company. The Startup Station has worked with over 100 startups across 15+ industries ranging from manufacturing to technology, consumer electronics, medical devices to fashion, media & entertainment, and has helped founders raise over $50M in startup capital.

Victoria has also developed a comprehensive seven-course finance curriculum geared to entrepreneurs of early-stage ventures with little to no knowledge of finance. To-date more than 1,000 founders have completed the courses and learned the basics of accounting, financial modeling, valuation, and startup financing.

Victoria is a speaker and an advisor to multiple startups as well as a founder of several ventures in media and entertainment. Previously, Victoria worked for Deutsche Bank and was a technology consultant with CapGemini's Financial Services Division.

Victoria holds a Bachelor's Degree, Cum Laude, in Computer Science, with a minor in Mathematics, from Cornell University and an MBA, with honors, from Columbia Business School. Victoria is also on the Advisory Board of the Computing and Information Science (CIS) Department of Cornell University.

Course Curriculum

  7-Course Bundle
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Courses Included with Purchase

Accounting and Financial Analysis
Accounting and financial analysis for early-stage software, service, and product startups.
Victoria Yampolsky, CFA
Financial Modeling for Software and Service Startups
Financial modeling for early stage software and service startups - A detailed financial modeling guide to eight business models.
Victoria Yampolsky, CFA
Financial Modeling for Product Startups
Financial modeling for early stage product startups - A detailed financial modeling guide to eight business models.
Victoria Yampolsky, CFA
Valuation Models for Early-Stage Startups
Valuation concepts and valuation models for early-stage startups.
Victoria Yampolsky, CFA
Fundraising Strategy and Startup Financing
Fundraising strategy and financing vehicles for early stage startups.
Victoria Yampolsky, CFA

Original Price: $875

The total price of the course series is $875, but you are getting a bundle for only $750.

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