Startup Fundraising Series for U.S. and European Startups

Everything you need to know about fundraising, valuation, pitching, and term sheets before/after the pandemic

Astra Global, a global business development company specializing in startup funding, and The Startup Station, a U.S. education and consulting company specializing in startup strategy, financial modeling and valuation, present :

The four-part series "U.S. and European Startup Fundraising Strategies During and Post Coronavirus Pandemic".

Part 1: How to Successfully Raise Startup Capital in the U.S. During/After the Pandemic?

U.S. Investors Panel “Changes in the VC investing landscape: What to expect in 2020 and beyond?”

Moderated by Elena Gusakova, CEO, Astra Global

Panelists: Enis Hulli, General Partner, 500 Startups, Tess Hau, VC Partner, Founder at Tess Ventures, Julio Marquez, Partner, New York Bay Capital, Thomas Nastas, Founder and President, Innovative Ventures Inc., Whitney Sales, Managing Partner, Acceleprise

Workshop “Key fundraising strategies on how to raise startup capital in the current environment”.

Instructor: Victoria Yampolsky, CFA, President, The Startup Station

  • What to have ready for fundraising?
  • Overview of investor search strategies - even if you have no network
  • How to make first contact with and present your company to investors?
  • Common mistakes typically made by U.S. and foreign entrepreneurs
  • How to interpret investors responses?
  • How to create an investors’ pipeline? and Q&A.

Part 2: Valuing Your Startup In the U.S. During/After the Pandemic.

U.S. Investors Panel "Coronavirus impact on startup valuations. What can startups do to earn investors’ confidence?"

Moderated by Elena Gusakova, CEO, Astra Global

Panelists: Lindsay Sharma, Managing Director at Industry Ventures; Ernst Theodor Sack, Partner, Blue Bear Capital; Neha Tanna, Principal, Joyance Partners; Xavier Segura, Managing Partner at Tessera Venture Partners, and Andrew Romans, General Partner, 7BC Venture Capital.

Workshop "Valuation approaches for early-stage ventures"

Instructor: Victoria Yampolsky, CFA, President, The Startup Station

  • Overview of startup valuation approaches
  • Terminal value, WACC, and Investors return
  • Venture capital method and The Chicago method - Scenarios analysis
  • Strategies to increase your valuation, and Q&A.

  • Part 3: How to Successfully Pitch Your Startup to U.S. Investors During/After the Pandemic?

    U.S. Investors Panel "Key investor pitching strategies in the current environment: What to focus on to get investors’ attention?"

    Moderated by Elena Gusakova, CEO, Astra Global

    Panelists: Matthew Le Merle, Managing Partner, Fifth Era and Keiretsu Forum; Aly Madhavji, Managing Partner at Blockchain Founders Fund; Lisha Bell, Deal Flow Lead, Pipeline Angels; Michael Cardamone, CEO & Managing Partner at Acceleprise - SaaS focused accelerator & seed fund; Isaac de la Peña, General Partner at Conexo Ventures; and Jordan Wahbeh, Managing Partner, Bay Angels.

    Workshop "How to clearly articulate your business case to U.S. investors?"

    Instructor: Victoria Yampolsky, CFA, President, The Startup Station

  • U.S. investor pitch deck structure
  • How important are the financials?
  • Five most common pitching mistakes and financial modeling mistakes
  • What do investors look for?
  • Why do entrepreneurs fail to secure funding? and Q&A

  • Part 4: How to Successfully Negotiate Your Deal With U.S. Investors During/After the Pandemic?

    U.S. Investors Panel "Coronavirus impact of term sheets: What terms are the most important to investors now and why?”

    Moderated by Elena Gusakova, CEO, Astra Global; Steward Rogers, Senior Editor, Grit Daily; and Anna Tutova, CEO, Coinstelegram

    Panelists: Mike Edelhart, Managing Partner at Social Starts and Joyance Partners; Colin Breeze, Founder at Breeze Ventures Management; Anupam Rastogi, General Partner, Emergent Ventures; and Farhan Lalji, Investor, Anthemis.

    Workshop "Introduction to startup finance: how to negotiate the best deal and when to walk away?"

    Instructor: Victoria Yampolsky, CFA, President, The Startup Station

  • Overview of equity, SAFE, and convertible debt: definitions and pros & cons
  • What is KISS?
  • Anti-dilution clauses, warrants, control and information rights
  • Five tips on negotiating your deal successfully and Q&A.
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    Your Instructor

    Astra Global/The Startup Station
    Astra Global/The Startup Station

    Elena Gusakova is the Founder of Astra Global, a global business development company. She has close to ten years of business development experience, helping leading consulting companies and UBS, Zurich to find new clients among investors, business owners and high net worth individuals. Throughout her career, she conducted over 100 top tier client events, focused on increasing business revenues. She initiated a project at UBS aimed at converting events into revenue generating activities, which was approved and implemented by the bank. She regularly advises other companies and her recent consulting client grew their revenues 3x in 4 years. At Astra Global, Elena focuses on facilitating collaboration between startups, investors, and corporations. Elena also advises startups on how to approach investors and make the first contact.

    Prior to career in business development, Elena spent eight years working as a M&A lawyer at private equity funds, leading cross border deals with the total deal amount exceeding $600M. She has a deep understanding on investment processes, investors main concerns, and is an experienced negotiator. Elena has graduated from Academy of Labour and Social Relations, Law faculty, Moscow, with highest honours, and holds EMBA from Columbia and London Business Schools.

    Victoria Yampolsky, CFA is a serial entrepreneur and an experienced business & finance executive with extensive startup experience. She is the President and Founder of The Startup Station, an education and consulting company specializing in modeling and valuing early-stage ventures.

    The Startup Station helps startups articulate their business case to investors from the financial point of view. We create a detailed strategic roadmap, a robust financial plan and a resulting valuation that outline business logic, drivers, financial goals, and key metrics for their company. The Startup Station has worked with over 100 startups across 15+ industries ranging from manufacturing to technology, consumer electronics, medical devices to fashion, media & entertainment, and has helped founders raise over $30M in startup capital.

    Victoria has also developed a comprehensive seven-course finance curriculum geared to entrepreneurs of early-stage ventures with little to no knowledge of finance. To-date more than 1,000 founders have completed the courses and learned the basics of accounting, financial modeling, valuation, and startup financing.

    Victoria is a speaker and an advisor to multiple startups as well as a founder of several ventures in media and entertainment. Previously, Victoria worked for Deutsche Bank and was a technology consultant with CapGemini's Financial Services Division.

    Victoria holds a Bachelor's Degree, Cum Laude, in Computer Science, with a minor in Mathematics, from Cornell University and an MBA, with honors, from Columbia Business School. Victoria is also on the Advisory Board of the Computing and Information Science (CIS) Department of Cornell University.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long is each course?
    Each course has anywhere from 75 min to 120 min of lecture material and approximately 5-15 additional practice questions per video. Each video is 5-15 minutes long. You may need a few hours to complete the practice questions, especially for the courses that include financial modeling. You may purchase solutions to all the questions that include creating a financial model separately, in case you are unable to complete them on your own.
    How long do I have access to the course?
    All PowerPoint and Excel materials are available for download immediately after purchase. You have lifetime access to all video materials and quizzes.
    What if I am unhappy with the course?
    Unfortunately, we cannot provide refunds, because when you sign up, you gain access to the class materials and can download them. I recommend watching the FREE introduction video and reading the testimonials and the course agenda before signing up to help ensure that each particular course is useful to you.
    How can you contact the instructor?
    You can contact Victoria Yampolsky at [email protected]

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