About The Startup Station

The Startup Station’s mission is to educate and empower the founders of early-stage startups. We accomplish this through our comprehensive courses that focus on financial modeling & analysis, valuation, and financing vehicles as well as customized consulting services.

Founded in 2013, The Startup Station provides finance strategy consulting for early stage startups. We evaluate financial feasibility of business models and specialize in financial modeling and valuation of pre-revenue companies. The Startup Station has advised companies across more than ten industries, ranging from technology, manufacturing, and consumer products, to media, entertainment, and fashion.

The Startup Station also launched an educational arm in 2015. Since then, more than 1,000 founders have attended online and in-person finance classes to learn the basics of financial modeling, valuation, and startup financing.

Who We Are

Victoria Yampolsky

Victoria Yampolsky, CFA, is the President of The Startup Station and the founder of The Startup Station’s finance education program for early stage startups. Victoria evaluates the financial feasibility of business models for startups and specializes in the financial modeling and valuation of pre-revenue companies.

Victoria is an advisor to DreaMe, Opkix, and Stringflix, as well as a founder of several ventures in media and entertainment. Previously, Victoria worked in Deutsche Bank Research and did IT consulting for CapGemini's Financial Services Division. Victoria holds a Bachelor's Degree, Cum Laude, in Computer Science, with a minor in Mathematics from Cornell University, and an MBA, with honors, from Columbia Business School. Victoria is also on the Advisory Board of the CIS Department of Cornell University.

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Barron Gati

Barron Gati is the Head of Quantitative Modeling for The Startup Station. Barron is a statistical and financial consultant with an expertise in building customized quantitative models for nearly every type of data analysis. He currently provides clients with a wide array of statistical and qualitative analyses ranging from econometric models to Marketing ROI and Survey Data Analysis.

Previously, he was the COO of a mathematical and statistical consulting firm that serviced Fortune 500 companies and Academia. He is a contributing author for Seeking Alpha, a popular economics and finance website. Barron also worked as an Investment Associate for Bridgewater Associates and as an Economist for the Department of Labor. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Affairs and Economics from George Washington University as well as an MBA focusing on mathematical finance from Washington University in St. Louis.

Kyle McCulloch

Kyle McCulloch is the Head of Business Development for The Startup Station. Kyle is an entrepreneur with extensive expertise in building and scaling companies. He currently provides clients with a variety of services including market research and competitive analysis, business development, and risk modeling.

Previously, Kyle worked as a senior analyst for Epinesis Group, a boutique cybersecurity risk consultancy. He also co-founded a successful global cybersecurity data organization, where he drove strategic partnerships, fundraising, and laid the foundation for the business operations. Kyle began his career working as a Research Analyst for Riskowitz Capital Management, an equity hedge fund. Kyle holds a Bachelor's Degree in Finance from the University of South Africa.