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Execute Your Strategy and Accelerate Growth

Fractional Finance Department/Build and run your finance department

If you have just raised money and need to scale, or you’re facing stagnant growth or cash flow issues, you need a new plan and can’t rely on prior financials to make forecasts.

Our unique approach to analyzing and modeling businesses allows us to determine the financial impact of individual strategic decisions. With this knowledge, we can pinpoint areas where your company’s strategy needs realignment or a fresh perspective and define the key metrics essential for tracking progress.

We can help you

If you are a late-stage startup or small to midsize business and you answer “Yes” to one of the questions below:

New funding

Have you recently raised a funding round and need to prepare your finance infrastructure for scaling?

Rapid growth

Is your company undergoing a rapid growth phase, launching new products or expanding into new markets?

Stagnant growth

Despite having a strong and unique value proposition, does your company experience stagnant revenue growth?

Low profitability

Does your company achieve less than optimal levels of profitability despite having a proven business model?


Have you recently pivoted or plan to pivot your business model and need a plan that reflects both current economic realities and future expectations?

Our unique process uses financial models as business intelligence tools, which allows you to:

  • Assess the effectiveness of various aspects of your strategy and pinpoint the origins of under or over-performance

  • Establish a realistic pathway to profitability that is consistent with your strategy and takes into account factors such as available capital, workforce, regulatory considerations and product development constraints

  • Create a clear and transparent strategic financial roadmap that aligns the expectations of all stakeholders, including investors, management, strategic partners and employees

  • Analyze the financial viability of new business objectives, including the necessary capital requirements and a timeline for achieving them

  • Quickly respond to market feedback with guidance from your new strategic plan

Do you need a FREE 30-minute financial model review?


Do you need an in-depth financial assessment of where your business is?


Depending on your specific needs, we can either build your finance department from the ground up or collaborate with your existing team

In both scenarios, we’ll deliver:

  • Comprehensive financial assessments of your operational and strategic plans, including any new initiatives

  • A new financial roadmap that is flexible and adaptable to evolving circumstances

  • Evaluation of your existing financing arrangements and, if needed, assistance in preparing for fundraising

  • Collaborative work with your Accounting department to streamline budgeting and payroll processes

  • Actionable business insights that guide the execution of your new strategy

  • Ensured alignment among all stakeholders

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