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The Startup Station provides a comprehensive, rigorous financial training program for startup founders with little to no prior financial experience. Our content is targeted specifically to early stage startups and is based on real case studies. It includes financial statements and analysis, valuation models, a financial modeling guide for seven business models, along with a case study, and financing vehicles. The Startup Station also offers customized consulting advice for early stage startups.


"These workshops are extremely useful for all of us. Victoria is the kind of presenter/professional who inspires confidence. I'd recommend her to any startup trying to figure out how it needs to be organized, capitalized, and operated to have a good business model going forward. She focuses on fundamentals, which, too often, are sorely lacking in our ecosystem, and she knows her stuff backwards and forwards."

- Warren Friesner, Language Hero

"Victoria's workshops are packed full of INCREDIBLY useful information and tools that apply to all levels of business. She is very knowledgeable with the material and able to explain complex finance topics eloquently (even to an engineer!). Workshops are highly recommended!"

- Gregory Chrin, Apis Innovation

"I have taken a couple of classes with Victoria and I must say they are great! The topics and material she goes through I find it very very useful. You can tell Victoria has a lot of experience in the field. She is very clear, and you get all the material covered so you can review it yourself. As an early startup, this is definitely the most valuable workshop I have tried so far, I highly recommend it!"

- Luis Medina, CodeLumen

Our flagship 5-course series, "How to model, value, and finance early stage software and service startups," will teach you:

1. The basics of accounting and financial analysis
2. How to formulate assumptions for your business model
3. How to value your startup
4. How to choose your financing vehicle and negotiate your term sheet

This series offers over 9 hours of MBA-level finance lectures, 500+ practice questions, and a complete downloadable functional financial model for a fictional startup with subscription and advertising revenue streams. All other PowerPoint and Excel materials are available for download as well.

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