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PowerUp is a unique program for women entrepreneurs designed to close critical gaps in their strategic planning, financial management, sales and hiring strategies. We establish a direct link between planning and execution to show you how to use our frameworks to supercharge your company's growth and Power Up.

The program is oriented at companies which are generating revenues and ready to scale. It begins with a 4.5-day virtual immersive bootcamp. Through the integration of curated instruction and individually tailored consulting sessions with seasoned entrepreneurs and industry practitioners, we will empower founders to take companies to the next level fast. In four and a half days, participants will go through twenty-seven hours evenly split between targeted practical training and one-on-one coaching.

The bootcamp is followed by 7 quarterly one-day board-like meetings to ensure that the companies stay on track and properly respond to market feedback.

Our mindset is key to the company's success. We will discuss how our beliefs affect the way we run businesses and strategies we can use to PowerUp our mind.

The bootcamp is created by The Startup Station, an education and finance advisory platform focused on strategic financial planning and valuation for startups and small businesses, and Guerrier Consulting, a consulting firm focused on Go-To-Market planning and building scalable sales processes. This program is implemented in partnership with ShEquity, an investment firm focusing on providing smart and sustainable investment for African female entrepreneurs and innovators.

PowerUp Purpose

Our purpose is to bridge the gender funding gap by reducing execution risk and accelerating the flow of capital into female-led ventures worldwide.

We achieve it with a combination of

  • Our hands-on program which includes an initial bootcamp and two-year follow up support
  • A global network of PowerUp ambassadors
  • Rigorous and transparent monitoring and communication of the performance of the companies in the program
  • Creating visibility for female-founders who completed the bootcamp

By inviting investors to join as PowerUp ambassadors and having them witness results first-hand, we will reframe the perception of risk of investing in female-led ventures.


* Source: PitchBook report.

** Source: a study conducted by CB Insights.

*** Source: the Stanford Social Innovation Review.

**** Source: Boston Consulting group.

This means you must have three things:

  • Proper strategic planning frameworks in place to make sound business decisions to drive revenue growth;
  • A robust financial management system needed to evaluate if those decisions produce the expected financial results, how to best respond to market feedback as well as to manage costs and cash flow; and
  • An effective fundraising strategy to meet any financing needs not covered by available liquidity.

In our bootcamp, we achieve all three objectives so that all businesses who participate can PowerUp to the next level in their evolution.

Below are the main challenges we address:

Strategic planning and Sales

  • How to develop objectives, key results, and key performance metrics near and long-term;
  • How to scale and grow your company with limited capital or overcome stagnant revenue growth;
  • How to choose the right team without the ability to pay market rate for talent;
  • How to efficiently allocate your time between fund raising, business development and managing people.


  • How to select and set up financial systems and processes so that you have the right information to drive your business forward;
  • How to determine the key drivers of your business;
  • How to set the right financial goals and understand the implications on profitability and cash flow;
  • How to select the revenue model; cost structure, and financing method that best fits to your needs;
  • How to create a new financial plan given new economic realities, even without much financial history.


  • How to avoid falling into the trap of changing your business plan to fit investors;
  • How to plan future fundraising rounds;
  • How to create and manage the Board of Directors and effectively communicate with existing investors;
  • How to choose between equity, debt, SAFE, and convertible debt, and get a fair deal.

What makes our bootcamp unique:

Our bootcamp is oriented at companies that are generating revenues to help them scale.

27 hours evenly split between targeted practical training and one-on-one coaching.

We establish a direct link between planning and execution and show you how to use our frameworks to supercharge your company growth.

Focus on our mindset and how it affects how we make business decisions.

Unlike most accelerators which don’t focus enough on finance and strategy, these two subjects are the cornerstone of what we teach.

Practical modules cover the essentials of running a successful business and individually tailored one-on-one sessions empower founders to put advice immediately into practice.

Every company will get two subject matter experts: in strategy and sales. and in finance, to ensure that action plans are based on each company's needs.

We are highly experienced operators who have scaled companies, raised capital, managed teams and created successful exits. Our clients have raised over $75M+ from venture capital.

Our advice comes from experience. We are sought after professionals with active client rosters across a diversity of industries.

We have taught more than 1000 founders and they became successful.

Goals and outcomes:

Strategy and Sales:

  • Understand how to ensure that the solutions or product features meet client needs and problems.
  • Determine the type of clients who would benefit the most from the solutions and how to best reach them. Founders will no longer target large companies just because they represent the most potential revenue, but otherwise are a poor fit.
  • Develop a Go-to-Market plan of action to generate revenue sooner, scale faster and, if relevant, be in a position to maximize valuation before raising equity capital.

Finance and Fundraising:

  • Determine which steps to take to properly set up and run the finance function.
  • Learn how to create “intelligent” financial plans which show how strategic decisions convert into financial results.
  • Understand how to use financial analysis to make better strategic decisions.
  • Find out how to effectively communicate to existing investors and create and manage the Board of Directors;
  • Plan for future fundraising rounds.
  • Know how to evaluate different funding options and negotiate the best possible deal.

Follow up: 2 Years

We will track the company’s performance through a custom-designed dashboard. We will conduct seven quarterly Board-like one-day assessments to review results and determine next steps.


Our pilot is in Africa because this is where the gender funding gap is the biggest. Our partner is ShEquity, an investment firm focusing on providing smart and sustainable investment for African female entrepreneurs and innovators.

* Source: Africa: The Big Deal.

** Source: AfDB and WEF.

ShEquity is a catalyst for inclusive economic growth with the impact felt across the board. Because women tend to tackle challenges faced by societies, providing smart money to female entrepreneurs allows them to build impactful businesses benefiting many communities and inspire the next generations to become problem solvers.

Who We Are

Victoria Yampolsky

Victoria Yampolsky, CFA, is a serial entrepreneur and an experienced business and finance executive with extensive startup experience. She is the President and Founder of The Startup Station, an education and finance advisory platform.
Victoria founded The Startup Station in 2013 after she realized that while startup founders had a lot of passion and technical knowledge about what they were doing, they rarely had business acumen about how to bring their idea to market. Even more rarely they could analyze the financial implications of their decisions, let alone explain the business in financial terms to investors.

The Startup Station focuses on strategic financial modeling of startups and small businesses. We are fractional CFOs who know how to build and use financial models, or plans, as business intelligence tools. These tools translate the founders’ vision into an executable measurable roadmap. By properly implementing this roadmap in the financial systems, we can respond faster and more accurately to market feedback.

Victoria has also developed a comprehensive seven-course finance curriculum geared to entrepreneurs of early-stage ventures with little to no knowledge of finance.

She is also a speaker and an advisor to multiple startups as well as a founder of several ventures in media and entertainment. She has worked with numerous accelerators including Rockstart, Starta, Numa, Halo, and more and also teaches at Bank of America Institute of Women’s Entrepreneurship At Cornell, where thousands of women have been given the opportunity to take courses in all aspects of starting and running a business. Previously, Victoria worked for Deutsche Bank and was a technology consultant with CapGemini's Financial Services Division.

Victoria holds a Bachelor's Degree, Cum Laude, in Computer Science, with a minor in Mathematics from Cornell University, and an MBA, with honors, from Columbia Business School. Victoria also served on the Advisory Board of the Computing and Information Science (CIS) Department of Cornell University.

In July Victoria, together with her co-founder and childhood friend, Svetlana Zelenskiy, produced the World Unite for Ukraine concert. The concert raised humanitarian aid for Ukrainian refugees with the help of the US -Ukraine Foundation, a 30-year-old Washington-based do tank doing business in Ukraine since the fall of the Soviet Union. 22 artists, including Pink Floyd, joined the concert from 9 countries. The production was supported by over 100 volunteers from 11 countries. Other humanitarian efforts continue now with the distribution of the documentary film “Unlost Hope” about Mariupol.

Clarence (Hamp) Hampton III

Clarence (Hamp) Hampton III is the CEO of Guerrier Consulting. where thousands of women have been given the opportunity to take courses in all aspects of starting and running a business.
Hamp is a C-Suite sales & marketing executive, trade show speaker, player/coach, enterprise sales manager. Entrepreneur with experience in scaling and building startups and early growth stage companies. Two successful exits and currently Board Advisor to several start-ups. Former Adjunct Professor at Metropolitan College of New York MBA program.

Pauline Koelbl

Pauline Koelbl is a founder of ShEquity, Managing Partner as well as AfriProspect GmbH’s Founder/CEO.
Pauline is gender-lens/impact investor and a leading innovation expert in developing & emerging economies with over 20 years’ experience in international affairs and venture philanthropy. Pauline also has 11+ years’ experience catalyzing innovation and supporting SMES/startups across Africa.

In 2022, Pauline was recognized as one of 100 Leaders building Meaningful Business, combining profit and purpose to help achieve the UN Global Goals. Her passion lies in innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic empowerment of youth and women.

A double Fulbright -Scholar and Fellow-, Pauline holds an Executive Education in Innovation for Economic Development from Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government; a Master’s Degree (MA) in Poverty and Development, Institute of Development Studies (IDS) from the University of Sussex, United Kingdom and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in International Studies (Honors) from the University of Arizona (UoA), USA.

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PowerUp Ambassadors On Board

Deborah Streeter, Faculty Director of Bank of America Institute of Women's Entrepreneurship at Cornell | Professor Emerita in the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, USA.

Greg Morrisett, Jack and Rilla Neafsey Dean and Vice Provost of Cornell Tech | Professor of Computer Science at Cornell, USA.

Sanford Diday, Chief Strategy Officer | Executive Director @ Theia Analytics Group | Serial Entrepreneur | Board Member, USA.

Elaine C Walker, Forbes Featured| Award Winning| Managing Director| Top 70 women to watch in Education| Founder of Female Founders Global Network| Specialist in Funding of Start Ups in Africa and the Diaspora| Impact Investor lAdvisory Board Member| Social Mobility Activist, UK.

Maria Blekher, Chief Strategy Officer | Executive Director @ Theia Analytics Group | Serial Entrepreneur | Board Member, USA.

Angelika Goll, Technology Executive | Startup Advisor |Sparring Partner | Ecosystem Enthusiast | Business Enabler | Start-up / Scale-up Supporter | Change Agent | Angel Investor, Germany.

Arnaldo Carrera, Technology Executive | Serial Entrepreneur | Board Member, USA and Brazil.

Paul Kallmes, Ecosystem Builder | Fundraising Coach | Serial Entrepreneur | Startup Advisor | Organizer of Worldwide Bootcamps | IP and International Market Entry Expert, USA.

Mairead Mackle, CEO and Founder of Tarasis Enterprises | Entrepreneur | Investor | Innovator | Philanthropist | Recipient of the distinguished MBE honor from Queen Elizabeth II, Ireland.

Yemi Keri, Founder, Heckerbella I Digital Transformation I Co-Founder, Rising Tide Africa I Technology, Angel Investment, Entrepreneurship, Nigeria.

Rasha Qamheyeh, Founder | Investor | Board Member | Women Empowerment & Leadership Mentor | Vital Voices Global Ambassador, USA and Jordan.

Pape Samb, ASHOKA Global Vice President & Executive Director for Africa, Senegal and Gambia.

Meet All Ambassadors

"Victoria Yampolsky is THE essential tool for any startup looking to present a viable financial model! If you are a founder who, like me, lacks the business/finance background - YOU NEED HER. If you are looking to show your investors a serious plan for growth and capitalization - YOU NEED HER. Victoria's thoroughness and dedication will ensure no stone goes unturned in the FOUNDATION of your BUSINESS. And to top it all, she explains everything with such calm & clarity, it is an absolute delight to be working with her."

- Sansan Fibri, DreaMe

"Victoria, we raised $1.4M! It’s finally public. I just wanted to say thank you again for your help with our financials. You made our model sophisticated, and told a story our investors could understand. Your help and our sessions mean more to me than you know. Your human-first approach to something as intimidating as financials made a big difference. No one questioned our financials the entire fundraising process.Thank you so much for your help.

- Janice Omadeke, Mentor Method

"If you’re raising capital and want to shine when pitching to investors, I highly recommend you choose Victoria Yampolsky and the Startup Station as your resource for high performance results. Victoria is extremely well versed in all aspects of raising capital and the startup landscape. She provides clients with outstanding tools, applicable advice and thoughtful insights to support their fundraising efforts.

Best of all, she has the unique ability to share complex information in delicious, easily digestible portions. Victoria will leave you feeling confident about all your financial numbers and valuation, which will translate into a successful pitch to investors."

- Ande Lyons, Startup Champion, 4x Founder, LiveStream Host

"I have the greatest appreciation for Victoria Yampolsky’s involvement in analyzing financial trends and development the monetization strategies of my business. She is not only an experienced financial analyst but she is very creative and gave my business many important suggestions. I also feel that as my point of contact, Victoria is very professional, patient and compassionate about working on my startup. In our numerous emails and phone conversations I felt comfortable and willing to reveal information easily, which helped make the valuation process easier. Victoria is witty and can see the big picture almost immediately, and at the same time she is a stickler for details. These attributes make her a perfect financial advisor and mentor for entrepreneurs. However, beside her mentorship skills, Victoria once given a task, is completely dedicated to it. She has a keen ability to process and synthesize information and make the right decisions, and she comes with the highest recommendation."

- Magda Stenzel, Senior Designer at NBCUniversal - CEO/CoFounder at StringFlix, Inc. Founder Institute Graduate

"Victoria is an amazing resource that every start-up should have. She is whip smart and diligent. We worked with her on the valuation of our company and she's been an invaluable resource in refining our assumptions, revenue and expenditure models. If you think you understand the fundamentals of your own business model, talk to Victoria and get ready to learn so much more!"

- Raakhee Miller, PointsKey

"Victoria is very knowledgeable and explains complex topics in an easy understandable way. She took us through the financial modelling tool step by step based on a real life business idea. The model is not only crucial for planning, but also helped to sharpen go-to-market strategies! Highly recommended!"

- Angelika Kogler-Lee

"Victoria was a key advisor for Predictive People - as an early stage startup we had tons of questions and we needed professional guidance to sort them out. I am really glad we had her by our side to solve them all, ending with a solid business plan and financial projections. I can't recommend her more, she's professional, fast, empathetic, and incredibly smart, a true partner for any startup."

- Stephanie Stanislawski, Predictive People

"Victoria provided me with great knowledge for the financial projection and reviewed my pitch deck where she provided me with great pointers. She definitely is somebody I count as my inner circle of advisors and recommend her as the go to person for any start up."

- Manuela Fassbender, Tahaanga

"Victoria gave us the confidence we needed to move forward with the finishing touches on a business concept we had spent more than a year developing. She impressed us with her remarkable insight, wisdom, and nimble ability to digest copious amounts of information. It's apparent that she has a passion for helping others. I highly recommend meeting with her!"

- Mira Weinfeld, Focus Clinic

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